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Now Filmmakers

Erbil Gunasti and Daphne Barak are known with documentaries. 

Now first time, they delve into filmmaking:

One as an Executive, the other as an Associate Producer.

Their first film is based on their first book, penned by Daphne Barak, called "Saving Amy," involving Amy Winehouse. 

Together, the producers have published seven other books. More on the way. More original content. More of the same!

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Amy WinehouseFilm

Daphne Barak, Executive Producer

Erbil Gunasti, Associate Producer


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Marble Surface

Trump vs

Filmed with 24 Hollywood stars and entertainers

  • Erbil Gunasti produced it
  • Daphne Barak directed it and conducted all interviews
  • Of the 24 Hollywood stars and entertainers that participated, half were pro, half were against Trump
  • On the Right: Scott Baio, Dean Cain, Isiah Washington, Kristy Swanson, Sam Sorbo, Kevin Sorbo, Ted Nugent, Bill Whittle, Lorenzo Lamas, JP Andrade
  • On the Left: Eric Roberts, Claudia Jordan, Mark Geragos, Avi Lerner, Brett Ratner, Eric B, Too Short, Money B, Big Baby Glen Davis, Deray Davis
  • Also Robert DeNiro, Kid Rock, Andrea Bocelli, Eliza Roberts
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  • Daphne Barak and Bill Gunasti are executive producers of ICONS series documentaries

  • First four documentaries of the series are released at the California Docu Film Festival in 2016:  "Maestro at Home"  "The Kid from Detroit"  "America's Son: JFK Jr"  and  "Citizen Shimon"

  • They include: Shimon Peres, Kid Rock, Andrea Bocelli, Lionel Richie, Robert DeNiro, Kathleen Turner, Henry Kissinger, Quincy Jones, Luciano Pavarotti, Sheryl Crow, Mitt Romney, and Kennedy family members. Also, Sean Penn, Queen Elisabeth, Bill Clinton

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