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Erbil Gunasti ran for Mayor in Palm Springs, California. The campaign to replace the indicted Mayor of this iconic city of the Hollywood elite began in May 2015.


No sooner, Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy for President in these United States of America. Erbil Gunasti, with no hesitation, began supporting his candicady on June 15th, the day he came down the stairs with his wife Melania. Gunasti, eventually, became a committed delegate for Trump in the RNC conventions in 2016, and again in 2020. 


As for the election for Mayor in Palm Springs, it took place gloriously for Gunasti, as scheduled in November 2015. The rest is history so much so that Gunastis have, ever since, selected the Desert Memorial Park, also known as the Palm Springs Cemetry, as their final stop in life for his mother Sevim Gunasti (1934-2020).

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Erbil Gunasti

Film and Television Producer

Geo-Political Subject Matter Expert


  1. S... A... L... (2022)

  2. T... B... C... (2022)

  3. A... & D... (2022)

  4. Struggling for One America (2021)

  5. GameChanger Trump Card: Turkey & Erdogan (2020)

  6. Coming Home with the Kennedys (2014)

  7. Mama Sarah Obama Recipes (2013)

Associate Producer - Scripted dramatic motion picture series

  • Amy Winehouse Movie with Holcyon Studios (2021-2023)

Producer - Documentaries

  1. "Ghislaine" (2022)

  2. "Trump vs Hollywood: The Two White Houses" (2020)

  3. "Coming Home with the Kennedys" (2014) 

Executive Producer - "ICONS in their own words" documentary series 

  1. "Citizen Shimon" (2016)

  2. "The Kid from Detroit" (2016)

  3. "Maestro at Home" (2016)

  4. "America's Son: JFK Jr" (2016)

Producer  - Television Shows

  1. "Our Son: Michael Jackson" 

  2. "The Tale of Two Sisters: Liza Minnelli" 

  3. "Connor" & Eric Clapton 

  4. "Lynddie England" & Abu Ghraib

 (Aired on ABC 20/20, CBS 48 Hours, NBC Dateline and other leading outlets in Europe, Middle East, Australia, Hong Kong, and Brazil)

  • Creating weekly NFTs at www.og2d.com marketplace (2021-current)

  • Served eight prime ministers of the Republic of Turkey as a press officer, based at United Nations in NY (1992-2008) 

  • Trump Delegate (2016 & 2020) 

  • Ran for Mayor in Palm Springs California (2015)

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